why i've been eyeing my running shoes lately (or: me & number 5)

Because a few weeks ago, life looked like this:

And this:

But we turned a corner. And this week has been this:

And this. I'm still speechless.

And this. Lovely. They look like hope.

So buckle up, number 5. I'm coming for you.


  1. Oh! I see those running shoes peeking into the picture, and I like it. A lot. Feel your legs drive you, the breeze kiss your face and dance in your hair. Running is freedom. Even for those who plod along. Every day I lace up my shoes. Every day I face the sky and dare it to send what it may to stop me. There has been wind, there has been rain, snow, even brewing tornadoes. But I still go. I go because it is living. Glad to hear you're breaking in those shoes. Glad to hear you're joining me outside. :)

    Oh - and of course - there is much to be written while running. I write papers all the time. (That's why they're so hard to read - the words keep bouncing up and down.)

  2. I do the same thing when I run! (what Rachel said). It's like I have Boggle cubes in my head with words and ideas on each cube and they bounce and jump all over the place while I am running, creating new and interesting connections.

    One thing to remember if you start a running program. It isn't fun. It will never be FUN. If it was fun everyone would do it. It is exercise.

    BUT, it gets less excruciating and you get to a point where you feel GREAT when you are done.