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This morning, I spent a while prowling through the last month or so of posts over at habit. I know I've said it before, but I love love love that project. After browsing a few entries, I feel myself relaxing, focusing, noticing my own life differently.

Celebrating the small moments again. (Heck, and the big ones.)

Today is another day of quiet. I'm typing this directly above my coffee, catching the hazelnut-scented steam on my face.

And while I'm excited for another productive writing day (it's going so well!) and another evening of Les Miserables (which I am loving), I think I'll miss the activity of yesterday.

Because I lose my mind with happiness every time my niece calls me by her name for me (Ga-ga), and because every time she hands me a book and crawls up on my lap, I melt.

I'm so glad to have all those moments lining my pockets today. As well as the image of ice and fountains, somehow perfectly reflecting the wintry evening sky. It was a busy but beautiful day.

Today, then, is for brilliant productivity... but I might take a cue from habit, and pursue productivity with a sense of quiet.

Maybe I'll stay in my shabbiest coziest cardigan, and keep my feet buried in my favorite slippers, dream up the next few scenes of the book, enjoy the view out of my window. Notice the feathers that caught on the tips of the pine needles. Pick out the call of the bluejay.

Maybe I'll bake that pumpkin bread tonight after all. Or maybe it's an afternoon for crepes. (You can make and enjoy crepes alone, right?) I'll pay closer attention to the beauty and solace in the domestic little world around me.

Okay, and then yeah, I'll also write like a fiend.

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