book crush thursday: Lost Horizon

"I don't recognize this part of the world," he commented. Then, more privately, for he did not wish to alarm the others, he added into Mallinson's ear: "Looks as if you're right. The man's lost his way." The plane was swooping down at a tremendous speed. -- James Hilton, Lost Horizon

So it begins with a kidnapping. Four people in a plane. A crash landing. The Tibetan mountains. A mysterious, polite guide. And a little journey into beautiful, puzzling Shangri-La.

I loved Conway, the main character. He makes me think of old Hollywood. Classy, black & white movies and handsome old-school actors. Yep.

Oooh, this is such a good book for a rainy night like tonight. Just dive into it, as the rain patters on your windows and the wind picks up. Lost Horizon will slowly pull you in, and keep you guessing until the very, very end.

Just thinking about it gives me a chill.

Recommendation: Definitely tea. Definitely strong.

Give this book your whole day: read it start to finish for a perfect late-February getaway.

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