when the mundane *is* glorious

How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives. -- Annie Dillard

Our weather has been so gorgeous lately, the full rich middle of spring. After a stormy weekend (lots of coffee and novels for me!), it's sunny and cool.

I've been waking up earlier, listening to the birds going berserk, and otherwise rediscovering my love of early mornings.

Oatmeal doesn't strike me as particularly springy, but that's what my mornings have been lately. A glorious bowl of oatmeal, a French press full of hazelnut coffee, the brilliant green of young grass waving in the backyard, and sleepy-eyed me plotting out my writing work for the day.

But the combination of oatmeal and writing might be dangerous. I'm prone to feeling rapturous in the morning (coffee certainly speeds that rapture along). And oatmeal, with a splash of cream and plump warm raisins, becomes something fit for a queen.

Suddenly my plot-driven scribbles and character arcs have been turning into love letters to oatmeal... So if you ever see an epic saga involving oats and cream, with my name on it... well, now you know what happened.

Beware these heady spring mornings. It could happen to you.

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