there have been a few changes around here...

... and what was once "bookpie" is now "serif's yarn cafe," and I'm oh-so happy about that!

My little blog turned one year old last month, and I started thinking about making some changes. (Drinking from that Reinvent mug certainly helped...) But the old name no longer fit, and I wanted to go in a different direction. Last year took me to new places, and I wanted my blog to reflect that.

The biggest change of all is that I'm a part-time knitter for Squirrel & Serif, and as such, I have a lot more to say about knitting and my inner artist (though she's a little short) than I had before. I'm sewing buttons onto pouches and playing with embroidery floss... not what I imagined in March 2009 when I kicked off bookpie.

I'm still writing full time, of course, and I would still love to have a blog where I can talk about the ups and downs of putting one paragraph after another. Where else can I freely admit that I have a habit for killing off my protagonists' best friends?

So, behold the cafe!

There's something about good food, good coffee, and good pie.

There's something about the invitation that a cozy cafe holds out to you.

To me, it says: you can be whatever you like here. You can talk about everything--in fact, you really should. You can people-watch, read, write, study, knit, think. Even stare off into space and daydream about nothing at all.

It also says, it is perfectly all right if you get some cappuccino foam on your nose.

I realized a long time ago that if I were ever to open up a real store, some wonderful place with a wooden floor and old brick and a tall carved ceiling, it would have to sell books. Really wonderful books, and lots of them.

And lately, with all my yarn hunting escapades and my frenetic knitting nights, it would have to be a place where crafters are welcome.

And also, because I'm me, it would have to sell really great coffee and truly splendid pies. (As well as anything else that struck my fancy... I just think you can do worse than starting with coffee and pie.)

Okay then. A knitting-and-book store that sells food as well? Could that be a Yarn Café?

It is also no small thing that yarn means both the string with which you knit, and a tale of adventure.

Fitting, isn't it? So, welcome to my new blog. We'll see where it goes!


  1. I like the new name and the new look!

  2. Thanks so much, Diana! It makes me want to open an actual place now... :)