allow me to dictate your afternoon... (the ginger-peach fizz.)

Today's weather is a bit more summer than spring... ninety degrees? Really? Is that necessary?

So after a couple of minutes in the kitchen, I discovered something well worth sharing.

In fact, this is something you need to do. Right now.

Take a few scoops of this...

And more than a few splashes of this...

Stir stir stir, and then sip.

Oh my. This is seriously good.

No, don't thank me... you have much more important things to do. Like hitting the grocery store.

Incidentally, Izze has a host of marvelous flavors, as does the Haagen-Dazs line of "five"... Blackberry Izze + Haagen-Dazs mint??

I think my week just got busier.


  1. would you be mad if I added a splash of peach schnapps? just for fun?