today i (hopefully) will:

1, get some serious writing time in, rethinking the themes in my novel

2, work on a cozy new hat for our store, while either catching up on Lie To Me (a favorite show) or watching Amelie... though the subtitle thing... that might be a problem.

3, also, planning our back-to-school/fall photo shoot for the store. We have some awesome ideas, and great new products! We're super excited!

4, sort through fantastic photos of my niece

5, clean my room! yikes! how did I get so much clutter? ack!!

6, and maybe, with a little brain left at the very end of the day, do a bit of reading. I'm convinced that reading is a lost art, at least in my own life. Weird, huh? But I feel like I rarely get to it, or read in a rush, when I'd really rather sit still and savor it. Anyway... I'm starting The Dust of 100 Dogs. (So jealous of that title! Brilliant titles make me shiver.)

7, sleep, sleep, sleep.
I hope you have a fabulous day!

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