introducing the monocle menagerie...

A few weeks ago, I fell in love with an owl. This owl.

When Kristen said that she was going to sell it, I had a minor attack of separation anxiety and begged her to paint me a copy first. Ta da, an early birthday present hangs on my wall, and Lord Whitmore is now for sale at our shop.

Lord Whitmore is part of the Monocle Menagerie, one of Kristen's recent projects for the store. Seriously, these are some of my favorite faces in the world. I always love what Kristen makes, but these are extra-brilliant. I mean, look at the fox. And the badger. And the squirrel, for crying out loud!

I'm just so impressed. I tried painting for, oh, about three days this summer, only to dash back down the hall to my knitting stash. I'm safely absorbed in knitting scarves for our next store update, and leaving painting where it belongs.

Which is right here.


  1. Have you seen the Wes Anderson movie 'Fantastic Mr. Fox'? These remind me of the characters a little bit... delightful!

  2. Yes, it's a huge favorite with us! I think I can recite the whole thing... :)