for the love of goodness.

If you've somehow ignored my pleading and begging about this recipe, it's time to come to your senses. Peach season is going oh-so fast, and this Honey Caramel Peach Pie is its highest and best purpose.

I'm very very serious. And I'm making one on Sunday.

So come on, get in the game, and pull out your rolling pin.

All the cool kids are doing it.

(Note: the picture belongs to Gourmet, not me. But the pie, my friends... the pie is yours for the making. And you won't regret it.)


  1. I just made this exact pie. I recalled your recommendation, and googled it on Friday. Same photo even. So yummy! We celebrated Tyler's return from Bible camp with this. Truly a good ending to his fun week!

  2. Hooray! So glad you all liked it! We had it last night for Mom's birthday... just a fabulous summer pie. :)