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So, I've been gone for a few weeks! I know, I didn't say anything. Evidently it's bad form to announce that your house will be empty for a while. For all I know, people would break in and steal my Dickens novels and all my Billy Collins poetry.

At least, that's what I'd take.

Me and Moxy, my traveling buddy. We have very serious conversations.

But, yes: my sister, Mom, and I spent about eighteen days driving through Georgia (stopping with my cousins at this awesome doughnut place) and then hanging out with my little sister and my niece. We had a fabulous time, of course. Lots of conversation, cooking, and playing games with my amazing little niece.

it's been a corn salad summer

When we did get home, I was so exhausted (though happy) that I just moved really slowly for two days. (Not missing Florida itself--our two weeks in Florida set the record for "most times I've been leered at by old men." What a weird place! I mean... seriously.)

I spent the weekend looking through all the great photos from the trip, watching that one movie--the one where my niece lets loose her contagious laugh--over and over.

And then on Sunday, I had a wonderfully indulgent crafty moment: thanks to Elsie's blog, I found this. Made myself a pair late on Sunday, and have been tromping around in them since.
(The careful observer will notice that the pattern is for Mary Jane Slippers, and, well--it just doesn't look like I'm wearing Mary Janes. I guess I was using a big crochet hook, and I have tiny feet. So... it's not exactly a Mary Jane, is it? Still cute.)

I still have a massive amount of laundry to finish, and plenty of writing to do. One novel is screaming toward its first draft, and I am oh so happy about that...

Otherwise, this week I'll be plaguing my librarians with interlibrary-loan requests, helping plan a culinary tour of St. Louis, knitting new things for our store's fall season (I know, it's been ages since a real update!), and planning a new feature for this blog!

And of course, I'll be back tomorrow with a new idea for your I just have to read this next! list. (You have one of those, right? Me too.)

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