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"Well, now that we have seen each other," said the unicorn, "if you'll believe in me, I'll believe in you." -- Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking-Glass

I've been bitten by a nostalgic mood lately. Not sure why--maybe it's my birthday out there on the horizon, reminding me of years past. Or maybe, after straining forward with project after project, my memory gets lonely and insists on a long look back.
Whichever it is, I find I'm deeply missing the people I've shared life with. Whether our paths crossed for half an hour, half a year, or half a decade, they're suddenly back in my mind again. So many people that I've lost track of, and others I'm still in touch with but we're far away... Separated by time zones or oceans.
Anyway, if this is you, know that you're missed. And that I'm remembering the many cups of coffee we shared, or the late rainy walks through unfamiliar streets, or the long long dinners that were outlasted by the brilliant conversation. That I miss cooking with you, I miss your funny laugh, I miss your off-the-wall insights, I miss your kindness. I miss the way you sometimes finished my sentences better than I could, or the moments when we didn't need sentences at all.
I know it sounds like I'm gearing up for a Beatles song--I promise I won't start singing at you. But consider this my love-you letter to all you distant friends, chance acquaintances, people met for only a moment.
Katrine in Paris, if by some miracle you are reading this, know that I want to be exactly like you in fifty years. Down to the way you walked, your grace, your enthusiasm, the three dogs swarming around you. You still inspire me, and I'm still grateful to you.
And Jane in Michigan, we only talked once, but I still think about your fabulous advice. Steve and Helen, you're two of the coolest people I know. (And I'm haunted by those brownies.) Yuli knew what I needed one afternoon more than I did. Maria is one of the wisest and dearest people, not to mention a splendid cook and a lifesaver. Jen made every Sunday better that year. Karen shared scones and long chats about church. Bob believed in me long before I could. And sometimes Sarah makes me laugh so hard I almost turn inside out.
And there are so many others... So, if you're out there, reading this, know that I'm raising this mug of coffee to you. And I hope you're happy, safe, and well. And that we somehow see each other again, soon.

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  1. An interaction with another be it for a moment, hour, day or decade brings with it the opportunity to encourage and bless someone else. A valued friend is truly a gift of kindness from God. Thank you for reminding us of all those in our lives who bless us.
    Kind regards from the middle of the Atlantic.