quick note

I'm more than a little exhausted, after a short night. Complete sentences are challenging. How do you feel about a handful of fragments?

Florida. Road trip. Two days to sun.

To see family. Friends. Niece.


Piles of not-yet-packed clothing littering my bed. Already-packed bags bulge near the door.

Over the phone, my sister and I make our to-do lists: cooking is near the top... we've spent so many hours dancing around each other in a steamy kitchen. It's one of the things we both miss when states crowd between us. (Those darn states.)

Laugh. That's high on the list.

Love on her little girl. (Did I mention my amazing niece?)

There will also be knitting, for me. Last Wednesday, one of our products just exploded... figuratively, that is. A lot of people love it! So much so that I'm going to be a very very busy girl. And altogether sick of knitting with red yarn. Nevertheless: hooray.

Oh, and writing for me. Reading a manuscript to my sister, seeing what she thinks. Showing her my designs for new knits for spring. Explaining (perhaps over coffee) the preliminary planning on this next book, this new idea of mine... And possibly catching a few new ideas, new scenes. Getting them down on paper, if I'm quick enough with my pen.

So good to see them all again. My sister, my brother-in-law, my niece. A week will evaporate, and then I'll come home, just in time to sweep up the last few days of January.

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  1. Have a wonderful time and please send some sunshine back this way? Kiss that baby for me. I love baby head, they smell so good don't they? Tell your sister, hi for me too. Congrats on the product explosion!