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Nearly half of the pictures on my camera right now are of ... coffee. I looked through them, and it's official: I am a girl obsessed. Obsessed. (You don't believe me? Just wait.)

It's just so beautiful, though. And to me, coffee is synonymous with good conversation, with feeling at home, with my family and my dearest friends. Oh--and with the energy to tackle whatever's troubling me.

So, just in case you're the same way, here are a few cups we can share... cheers!

Oops, this first cup is full of soy chai from Companion. So, it's not coffee. But it's darn good nevertheless!! (Especially when you're surrounded by friends.) And Companion's is the best I've had.

An after-dinner cappuccino at Macaroni Grill, before taking a sip...

... and after!

Yet another mug of chai at Companion in Saint Louis. One of my new favorite places!

A morning cappuccino at Kaldi's. I was half in love with the barista after tasting this... Yum. YUM.

... and an afternoon cappuccino at Kaldi's. Surprised? Shocked? I didn't think so.


PW's Dulce de Leche coffee, inspiring me to write...
... You'll never guess what all of this puts me in the mood for. Excuse me. It's suddenly very urgent that I go to the kitchen...

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