the way i think

So many things to say, here at the beginning of February! But if I settle in for a real blog update, do you know what you would hear?

This afternoon's debate: do I spend these wonderfully sunny hours writing, as I certainly should? Or knitting, to catch up with some important Etsy orders, and to squeeze out an important pre-Valentine's post?

Or... reading the gluttonous stack of library books I just brought home. On the couch, with winter sunlight pouring in. And tea. And warm socks. And the phone silenced.

(Guess what I really, really want to do.)

So we'll see. I'm off to do more tail-chasing and coin-flipping. And probably waste the sunshine with indecision. (I'm not actually as disciplined as a lot of people suppose I am.)

What would you do with a wonderful sunny afternoon? You would read, right? Of course you would. I should listen to you. You sound wise and confident.

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  1. read of course, you must read! If you don't read then how will you ever learn what other writers are doing? How would you ever compete... so reading is really work, prepartion for what's to come right?

    I'm staring out the window at the sun as well thinking how nice it would be to curl up in my chair with tea and a book...I think I'll take my own advise. It's not every day one gets sunshine in February!