a weekend of knits

Whew! Kristen and I just posted new items to our Etsy store, and we're super excited! Drop by Squirrel & Serif sometime for a peek at our things, and then browse the other Etsy offerings. I'm continually amazed and encouraged by the creativity of the other sellers!

I think we're starting to get into our rhythm of creating, photographing, and posting our items. There's always more to learn, but it's more enjoyable and less stressful now. And we're both brimming with new ideas for spring! Stay tuned...

(Ah, and that's the fabulous alpaca hat and scarf I had so much fun knitting! Yummm. The loveliest yarn to work with!)

So that's the knitting update!
Next up? A very productive writing week! My characters would like me to back away from the yarn for awhile, and spin paragraphs instead of scarves. Which is simpler? Scarves, no contest! But I miss my characters, and they... well, I don't know that they miss me, but they'll threaten rebellion if I don't listen to their demands. So here's hoping for a fun and challenging week in the land of fiction!

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