it wasn't dead, it was just sleeping...

Guess why I'm freaking out right now.

Right now. Right this minute. (And all of yesterday, incidentally.)

Hint: It's not the crazy, what-the-heck-is-happening massive snowfall. (!?) Nope. It's so much better.

(And warmer. And yummier.)

Okay, here. Look:


My beloved magazine! In print, bless you. Back, however temporarily, from the grave! Hello you gorgeous cover, you!

Recipes and stunning photos from the Gourmet archives.

We're talking drool-worthy.

Thank you, thank you, Gourmet, for this little posthumous visit.

(I keep thinking of that line from Sherlock: What a busy afterlife you're having.)

If only all ghosts were this pretty.

And of course it's all on Italian food. I think that's appropriate. I think that means we'll all be eating Italian food after death, and Gourmet came back to tell us so.

This totally fits my personal theology of food.


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