because, sometimes i only see the tangles

Even when all we see are the tangled threads on the backside of life's tapestry, we know that God is good and is out to do us good always. -- Richard Foster

This quote's been on my mind a lot this February and March.

A lot

And I have a hunch I'll need it in April and May, too.

Heck. It's just a good one to memorize.

Thanks to my knitting alter ego (Serif the Wonder Child), I've spent a lot of time with tangled threads. (Have you tried to do intarsia knitting? Or that Fair Isle stuff? Wow. Intense. It takes tangles to a whole new level for me.)

I'm not always the most patient with the stuff I can't understand. A snarl in my yarn (or my life) usually strains my vocabulary. And then I find the scissors and hack away.

This is probably why I'm not God.

I think that if I could scissor away at what I don't understand these days... well, I'd have a pretty small life. With some pathetic, tame little stitches that don't add up to much.

You risk a snarl every time you add a new color, you know.

So it's good to be swimming through a much larger canvas, to be walking across that enormous tapestry. Even when I don't get it.

Even when I'm itching to cut a thread or two.

There. That's as philosophical as I'll get on a Thursday, I promise. (It's that second mug of coffee today... it did me in...)

P.S., Speaking of tangles, I'll have a new Book Crush tomorrow. It's yarn-related and is another funny book. Yay! I love funny books. And so do you, of course. So stay tuned. 

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