it's beginning to look a lot like Etsy.

If you're still stumped on holiday shopping, and if you haven't spent some time on Etsy, well... consider this an invitation. I love this site!

... Best of all, I love doing random searches, and seeing what comes up. You never know what you'll find! So... with a tip of the hat to number 13 on the list, here are my ten favorite searches lately:

writerly, especially this one

ferret, especially this

London (yeah, I know, that was a hard one!), especially this!! makes me wish I had a laptop!!

library chic, especially this

repurposed books, especially these

unicycle ... look at this!!

typewriter... especially this one!

Sherlock Holmes, especially this lovely thing ... and wow, I couldn't resist, this too!!

ink ... so many gorgeous things, but check this one out!

And last but far from least ... ampersand. I'd love just about everything on this list, but especially this. Okay, and this. Annnnd this.

So much fun, isn't it?? Happy browsing!


  1. Jenn, I love your sense of whimsy. Such fun stuff.

  2. Hey Jenn! It's Sarah (Mullican). My mom told me about your blog - it's lovely! Your posts are so inviting - like sitting across the table from you! I don't often read this lady's page, but came across it today and it reminded me of you a bit. I hope you all are staying warm - say hi to the family :)


  3. Anna--thanks so much! I love snooping around on Etsy. :)

    Sarah, it's so good to hear from you! Thanks for reading, and for sharing that link... she makes soooo much sense. And I love how she puts it. Take care!! :)