a mental kick in the pants

Found this quote on a calendar page. Made me laugh...

Many people would sooner die than think. In fact they do. -- Bertrand Russell

... and then it made me resolve to read more non-fiction.

Like, a lot. A lot more non-fiction.

How do you check yourself out on that? Am I thinking? Am I thinking enough?

On the non-fiction note, I'm reading A House in Fez, by Suzanna Clarke, in answer to number 18 on this list. It's a fabulous story of life in Morocco, and it lets me travel, even though I'm wrapped in a blanket on the recliner. And truly, I'm a sucker for any love story between a girl and a country.

I didn't know much about Morocco, other than liking mint tea, orange tea, couscous, and Casablanca, so Clarke's book is a fascinating wonderland. Mmmm. Maybe I'll make the North African meal from this fabulous cookbook to celebrate such a good read?

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