all quiet on the bronte front?

Really? Really??

No hateful comments yet about my dislike of Jane Eyre? No nasty messages, no boxes of dead roses? No rants about my profaning a literary classic? No one sticking up for Rochester? Or mousy little Jane?

... If I'd known that, I'd have kicked the Brontes a bit sooner.

(Do not get me started on Wuthering Heights. Just don't. I suffered through half of it before deciding I'd like to throw Heathcliff off a wuthering height.)

1 comment:

  1. Generally, I would agree with you. Being an English teacher, I have a very close relationship with the Brontes, and trust me, it isn't very pleasant. That is, except for Jane Eyre. I love it. Always have, always will, I imagine. Wuthering Heights, well, I wouldn't mind if all copies of that particular atrocity one...disappeared. :)