it's spring! (stay warm.)

Rain, rain, and more rain. It's been gorgeous--I do love a series of cool, wet days. It makes the writing life that much more romantic. Curling up under a woolen throw, tapping out a character profile, reaching for coffee... mmm. Lovely.

But it's also chilly, which means we're really glad that Kristen made these springy neckwarmers for our store! (And isn't she the cutest model? I mean, seriously.)

Annnnd a new headband.
Super cute flower? Yes. Super cute flower.


  1. Hi Jenn! It's Zara. (The long lost and long silent, I know, I know...) I've been having so much fun checking this out, and also your etsy site. Can I ask, though? Some of these names remind me a lot of PG Wodehouse. The dahlia headband I was like, oh, well, there's a flower on it. Maybe that's what a dahlia looks like... And then I saw the Honoria something-something, and then I started going "Madeleine Bassett? Aunt Agatha?" and it made me feel all happy and Wodehousian. Is there any connection?

  2. Ooooh, Zara, you're good! Yes absolutely, "dahlia" was inspired by Aunt Dahlia, the "honoria" headband that we used to have ... Honoria Glossop. And there's even a Beryl that appears in a story or two, and we've named another headband "the beryl"...

    So, yes, an emphatic yes. It's one of the best things about naming your own products! :) Wodehouse lovers, unite!

  3. That headband is darling, I love the green and purple color combo!