i fall in love. again.

Lemon lovers, please stand up.

(Everyone else can skip this post and go back to whatever they were doing.)

Okay, lemon lovers, you can sit back down, but only if you tell me this: how did I go for twenty-five-and-a-half years without ever tasting lemon curd?

Ever? Not once?

I mean seriously: lemon curd. It's basically a lemon staple, especially for those who also love tea and scones and such things. Which I do.

My long lemon-curdless existence ended Sunday night when I mixed up my first pot. (This recipe.)

And it wasn't until I was "letting it cool" (or sticking spoons into the pot and then into my mouth and laughing--my usual response to astonishing food) that I realized the wonder of wonders of lemon curd.

It's true love, and I know we'll be together forever.

I used it to stick lemon macarons together...

to weigh down a spoon...

and there are plans for blackberry scones in the works.

(Their main purpose being to ferry more lemon curd into my mouth, without the shame of saying yes, I'm eating this stuff by the spoonful.)

I have only one complaint about lemon curd: could we rename this concoction?
Could it have the name that it deserves, one that implies silky smooth bright sunny lemony goodness, and not curd, which implies...

Well... not goodness.

We need to work on that.
(Submit any epiphany-induced name changes in the comment section, if you please...)

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