i'd rather be ...

A morning of thorough confusion was to be expected. -- Jane Austen, Persuasion

It's been a wild and wonderful week.

We've had relatives visiting from Australia, and my mom's family in this area has been getting together to spend time with them, show them around Saint Louis. (Including a mini coffee tour of the area... oh, yum. And now I have new tips for scouting out coffee shops--perfect.)

You just need to meet my family to understand how fun and crazy this is.

We've started a million conversations, and left another million unfinished. Stirred up ideas (family reunion? trip to Australia? trip anywhere at all? suddenly I'm craving vacation), ate plenty of good food, snapped some hilarious candid photos. (One of my cousins has mastered the "mosquito face." We're so proud.)

So, it's been fantastic...

And how can I possibly get back to work?

I stare at my computer screen and hear all the laughter and voices from the week. I try to think of new scenes for writing Part Three, but instead wonder about new coffee blends. Self-discipline attempts a feeble comeback, but is quickly squelched by Vacation Mode, which is in full swing.

I don't know which is more dangerous: how unconcerned I am about getting my work done? Or the way I'm eyeing my savings account and thinking of swapping it for plane tickets? I hear rates are dropping...

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