mudroom entry

If you're crazy, there's two things you can do to make yourself feel better. One is to get yourself cured. The other is to make everyone you have to deal with crazy. -- Alan Dean Foster

I'm on four hours of sleep (not for any great or interesting reason), and have put in enough work on my novel to make my brain dance just this side of coherent.

So instead of trying to make sense and write something engaging, I'm just going to set everything down...

My next phase of rewriting is going well, well, well! The character I reinvented is back to play, and I loved chatting with him all afternoon. I've written 19,800 words since last Monday. Not bad. I'm hoping to have this next section worked over by April 18 (celebration plans are in the works), and I think I'm on target.

My little sister is pregnant with my very first niece or nephew! We hung out for a while yesterday, and I was hoping to feel a baby-kick, but I guess it's only kicking hard enough for her to feel. So exciting, though!

Otherwise, I am rereading one of my favorite Shannon Hale books, working my most challenging piece of knitting so far (cables! lace! and lots of counting!), and snapping photos of our magnolia tree before it gets stomped on by another frost.

Poor little bookpie. I have such wide, wonderful and interesting plans for you, I do, I do! I want to read more and tell you all about it; I want to make more pies (a lot--perhaps something springy, with lemons, with berries) and write about those; I want to chat about writing; I want, I want, I want . . . to remember that balance is a dance, to make crepes for dinner, to read in the hallway like a kid (past my bedtime? with a flashlight? in a tent?), to fall asleep in our newly green yard. Sigh. Happy spring.

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