new item soon!

PS: Hopefully tonight I'll be able to post my latest knitted creation to our Squirrel & Serif store. I've been knitting my way through a list of special ordered hats and haven't created much that's new...

everyone seems to want one of these!! it's super cute, but takes a while to make, so i'm a little swamped...

Anyway, hoping to make some new things soon, and to refresh the store with springy items!

Last weekend I made something I absolutely love... it's not particularly springy, but it charms me nonetheless.

Okay, charms is an understatement. I dreamed this up one night when I was supposed to be sleeping but couldn't, so I created a list of knitting ideas (creativity is not conducive to sleep!), and this was easily at the top. I love it so much that I kinda hate to sell it, but at the same time, I really really want it to have a good home. ... And I'll have to make another for myself.

So anyway. Stay tuned. Hopefully we'll have that up tonight. :)

And after that, I'll let you know when we get the bulk of our spring items posted. Wish me luck on all those hats! Ten down, five to go! (And then one for me. And my sisters. And my niece. And... what can I say, they're endearing!)

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