get out the jam jars

The first firefly. I just saw it, just, scooting low over a patch of clover, winking in chartreuse.

So. It's official: summer is here.


  1. at first i thought you were talking about the show firefly, and you had just seen the first episode. then i got confused by words. then my brain started working and reminded me that you are a writer and use colorful language. then i figured out what you were talking about. thank you for jump-starting my noggin.

  2. you're welcome. :)

    so yes, to clarify: this is a post about a bug. the first bug of summer. the real thing, with wings and all those little tickly legs that rocket us back to childhood...

    but a bug nonetheless. :)

  3. oh yeah. i saw a bunch on our parking lot when i was coming home from work and i had to hold back the urge to run around the place catching them. it was a hard urge to fight. :) great post!

  4. you're so great with words!:)